Expert Level Mechanical Repair

We have some of the industries most skilled mechanical repair specialist, we provide a superior level of care and attention to even the most basic maintenance and repair work. Each vehicle is put through a rigorous Quality Control process to ensure you receive a repaired vehicle back from our care with a better than factory level of repair using only OEM or OEM quality level of parts all this backed with a 2 Year or 24,000 Mile warranty on parts and labor! Most repairs even qualify for our NATIONWIDE coverage!

Fast and Accurate High Level Diagnosis

We maintain and carry MOST of the dealer scan tools so we can better perform DEALER LEVEL diagnostics. We train over 100 hours a year on emerging technologies, and diagnostic strategies to sharpen our skills. We use multi channel digital storage oscilloscopes, thermal imaging devices, advanced wiring diagnostic devices, electronic mechanical engine analysis devices, and so much more. We specialize in the difficult to pinpoint wiring diagnosis, and engine driveability testing!

A capture from a Picoscope, we are diagnosing a flat cam lob without ANY ENGINE TEARDOWN!

Module Programming and Flashing

In addition to using our dealer scan tools for diagnosis, we maintain the subscriptions needed to perform module programming! We can perform software updates to solve issues and address TSBs, we can also “flash” replacement modules. We have more than 99% coverage on module flashing. We also deploy some techniques and aftermarket tooling to perform module flashing the dealer will tell you is NOT POSSIBLE…. How can we do this? Because we develop and TEACH around the country, and soon the world, on module programming technologies!

Using the factory Ford scan tool to register a new ABS module to a vehicle.

R1234yf Refrigerant Services

We offer R1234yf refrigerant services as well as traditional R134a!

Key Cutting and Programming

We stock hundreds of keys in our vans, and at our office, we can cut and program the majority of keys on the market today! We are often called to program keys other locksmiths CAN NOT because we carry factory tools as well as the popular aftermarket locksmith tools, we also have our VSC (previously called LSID) from, this allows us, a registered VSP, to access dealer key programming from the vehicle manufacturers directly, just like the dealer. This is a credential required for many newer vehicle key programming events, that many other locksmiths DO NOT HAVE!

We support NASTF and are registered Vehicle Security Professionals with them!

ADAS Calibrations and Relearns

In an era of self driving cars, and vehicles that almost drive themselves, we have ADAS (Advanced Drivers Assist Systems)! We can calibrate the vast majority of these systems: Millimeter Wave Radar systems, LiDAR Systems, Lane Keep Assist/Warning Windshield mounted Cameras, Blind Spot Monitoring Radar, Blind Spot Cameras and many more! These systems require specialized camera targets, and radar targets, as well as precise measurement tooling to properly aim and calibrate them, as well as many factory tools to meet OE specs!

Enhanced Precision Wheel Alignments